The studio

A clean, tecnologic advanced and welcoming place.

Our studio is on two locations, one in Turin and Milan.
Inside our studio patients can find the professionalism that characterizes us for years.

Each of our locations offers a warm and welcoming environment, to cause the patient to a state of complete relaxation. The waiting room and reception was in fact designed to make the guest feel more at

The operating rooms are three, all perfectly autonomous. Of these, one is equipped for the production of digital orthopanoramic radiography, avoiding the inconvenience of having to carry the patient in a
radiographic studio outside, and putting the doctor in a position to conduct an immediate and thorough

To be reckoned with, also, that the digital radiography (RVG) reduces to a twentieth-ray exposure, while showing even the smallest defects, and making it possible to define a precise and comprehensive treatment plan.

Every seat is equipped with modern technologies, which allow self-sterilization of all internal circuitry, guaranteeing perfect hygiene.
Thanks also to the set of electrical apparatus, it is possible to change the tools in the presence of several patients during the day, a necessary condition to ensure the impossibility of contracting cross-infection. The sterilization autoclaves are monitored by competent personnel ensure compliance with all cycles planned for the sterility of the instruments.
Hygiene is a point that the patient often underestimated, although it should be one of the key features in the choice of the rules to entrust your dental treatment.

The rule has always provided of certified and high quality, especially for dental implants, in each measure and for all different needs.
The Medical Staff is therefore in a position to obtain the best clinical results and aesthetic, thereby meeting the expectations of patients.

We believe that modern dentistry has to be managed with systems, technologies and materials in line with the times. With regard to the excellence of the instruments used and of our professionalism, we assure all our work with full warranty

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