The dentist for children

Insights on Pedodontics


When it is better to make the first visit to the dentist? Unless problems, a first visit is recommended preschool, from 5 to 6 years of age, for a check on baby teeth, it must control their total eruption and subsequent monitoring of the molars that at the age of six years are at their final appearance.
Among the various checks to be made for young patients is that of proper occlusion or chewing, must then evaluate if problems also has the opportunity to use an orthodontic appliance.

Recommendations to young patients:

  • do not overlook the milk teeth (also called deciduous);
  • washing at least three times a day the teeth, always after a meal;
  • Use a toothbrush to children because softer, the electric toothbrush is a valuable tool;
  • all toothpastes are good, now all contain fluoride, which is good for the dental enamel;
  • brush in circular motions all over the tooth, even the language.

If the saying “Prevention is better than cure” is good advice, it is even more valid for children; for their
advise checkups every six months.