Removable dentures

Insights removable dentures.

The removable dentures can be made of nylon or skeletone with internal fittings. Those in nylon are extremely light and aesthetically appreciable and can be used permanently or waiting to obtain a final dentures. It has nylon hooks which, unlike metal ones, ensure an aesthetically better result as transparent, and are hooked to strong, healthy teeth. The denture owes its lightness and its resistance to the natural properties of nylon, in addition to its reduced thickness.

The skeletal removeable dentures with internal connections consists of a fixed part and a removeable part.
The fixed one consists of the patient’s natural teeth that act as a support for the moving part. The movable part is hooked by attachments inside the arch thus reducing the possibility of seeing the hooks. The result is aesthetically appreciable. To help the natural tooth to support the load of the moving part, they are encapsulated with a crown after being monotized.