Ceramic veneers

Insights on Procera® System

It is usually necessary due to trauma, or blemishes various masking of the front teeth; This treatment allows you to get back beautiful and healthy teeth.

We proceed by taking a mold of the dental arches, and then go to create the dental veneer, also said
“veneers ceramics”. The veneers are then applied on the tooth after filing the tooth and you apply a paste that cements the veneer to the tooth.

The porcelain veneers as well as bridges or crowns are made using the innovative and patented system

The characteristics that make the porcelain veneers a product, safe and superior quality are varied. The
perfect FITNESS ‘to the teeth, each facet is customized to the footprint of the dental arches that the dentist has previously performed.
Veneers have color characteristics in all respects identical to those of natural teeth not making it possible to distinguish with the naked eye.

Finally all the porcelain veneers are biocompatible, hypoallergenic and do not make your teeth thermosensitive. Thanks to all these characteristics, encourage natural regrowth of the gingival tissue around the teeth.