Dental hygiene with the device

Insights on hygiene with the dental appliance.

Take care of their teeth

The presence of a fixed orthodontic appliance makes more difficult the cleaning of teeth, promotes the accumulation of plaque around the brackets, and creates niches that encourage the colonization of the bacteria.

The patient with orthodontic appliance must perform in a continuous way and rigorous oral hygiene at
Dental hygienists of our clinics formulate programs customized to maintaining oral hygiene for patients
with orthodontic appliance, providing precise instructions to make a thorough dental hygiene at home.
The patient wearing an appliance should pay greater care in cleaning and oral hygiene, to prevent the
formation of plaque in the vicinity of the attacks.
You have to start taking care of your diet or how to intake of food; has shown that certain foods cause
problems to the device.
Therefore, avoid foods that stick to equipment or teeth: candy and chewing gum, sweets and nuts (you can eat but if immediately after brushing your teeth). Consuming certain foods into small pieces (apples, carrots, pizza, etc.).
Cleaning through proper and meticulous use of the toothbrush is critical to a daily oral hygiene; useful in this regard detectors plaque, which should be changed weekly, help the patient to immediately detect any deposits to be removed. There are special toothbrushes that fit the protrusions of the attacks and that simultaneously manage to effectively clean the brackets and gums. In the presence of orthodontic appliances may prove difficult to flossing, to meet the patient suggest using a monofilament dental floss or a wire provided with spongy lining or pipe cleaner.