The periodontal disease

Insights on periodontal disease

The periodontal disease

This disease is caused by plaque, which if not removed promptly turns into tartar. Both the tartar that plaque is a reservoir of bacteria that lead to inflammation of the gums in the first instance and with time can also affect the bone.

Periodontal disease presents with the classic red gums, swollen and bleeding.

The periodontal disease can be avoided by taking care to undergo periodic inspections at your dentist, undergoing regular dental cleanings and with proper oral hygiene (proper use of the toothbrush, dental floss and special mouthwashes).

In more complex cases, for the cure of the disease is necessary to resort to root planing, which thoroughly removes all bacteria, this treatment allows to shrink and pockets of the gums to heal.

For the cure of the disease can be used also to other treatments, such as laser (effective for mild cases) or surgical intervention.