Periodontal surgery

Insights on periodontal surgery

Periodontal surgery

This type of therapy is applied when you are unable to eliminate, with less invasive methods, the cause of a major gingival inflammation.

It therefore becomes necessary to thoroughly clean the roots, speaking gum tissue to have a direct access to the teeth and bone.

La chirurgia paradontale è finalizzata a debellare le cause della malattia paradontale andando a rigenerare i tessuti, attraverso degli innesti di biomateriali o membrane biocompatibili che stimolano la rigenerazione dei tessuti ossei perduti.

Periodontal surgery is designed to eradicate the causes of periodontal disease going to regenerate tissues, through the grafts of biomaterials or biocompatible membranes that stimulate the regeneration of bone and lost tissue.

A second type of treatment, cutting edge, which is run by our center is laser therapy to treat periodontal disease; This method allows you to clean up the tissues and eradicate the bacteria with less invasive methods and ensuring faster treatment times.