Traditional orthodontics

Fixed or mobile device.

Traditional orthodontics – fixed or mobile device for straight teeth
Align your teeth with our orthodontic treatments: a correct position of the teeth as well as improves the aesthetics even breathing, chewing and swallowing. In first visit we establish a comprehensive treatment plan that includes the mobile device if necessary, the fixed unit, the end retainers for maintaining the position obtained. We carry the entire treatment plan, from diagnosis with special instruments in place, the care which also includes the steps of maintenance treatment of the position obtained.

Main types of Braces
After examining your teeth, your face shape and profile, jaw , chewing and the way of swallowing, our dentists study the orthodontics treatment plan customized to the patient. In the event that the patient wishes of cosmetic changes of the face, you should talk with our dentists at this stage to assess whether orthodontics is able to be carried out.

We use the following types of diagnostic tools and tests can be carried out directly on-site and free on first visit:
– Panoramic radiography, used to evaluate the position of the teeth
– Teleradiography, x-ray of the whole skull used to evaluate the type of bite of the patient and make a
cephalometric tracing to set a proper orthodontic treatment
– Models, fingerprints taken on the bite right of the patient are sent to the laboratory carrying out the wax models of the arches from which the orthodontist shows real spaces of the mouth and makes the case study with orthodontic treatment more appropriate.