Milan and Turin dental center – About Us

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The Milan and Turin Dental Center is a historical site and Turin dental centre was operational since 1959.

Excellent performance is guaranteed in our centres in compliance with all current regulations, sterilization, sanification, environmental hygiene, professionalism and humanity.

The studio is equipped with the most modern instruments to treat all diseases of the oral cavity, following the best standards of hygiene, sterilization and safety.

In addition to the classic teeth cleaning and whitening treatments, you will find prostheses, implants and therapies. After an initial visit to establish the state of health of the mouth, the professionals of the center will recommend the best treatments to give you a shiny smile and without imperfections.

Your smile is too important to be neglected: choose the professionalism of the Turin Dental Center!

The sanitation and sterilization of dental instruments of the Milan and Turin dental center is checked every day.

The Turin Dental Center implement has strict sterilization and sanitation protocols for the safety of patients
and internal staff; the use of late generation instruments also allows us to eliminate pathogens. Within our offices, with regard to the processes of sterilization and sanitation of the instruments used during dental interventions, we use equipment that follows the strict rules imposed by the C.E.N., which is the European Committee for Standardization.

Many tools and most of the equipment used in our Centers are disposable, this allows us to ensure maximum hygiene during each dental operation, even in the presence of infectious diseases. Our staff, during the day has the utmost care of materials and environments.


The phases of Sterilization

  • Entry tools
  • Chemical decontamination
  • Washing and maintenance
  • Mechanical decontamination
  • Washing and maintenance
  • Rinse
  • Compressed air drying
  • Packing
  • Sterilization
  • Storage
  • Withdrawal of sterilized instruments