Afta lingual treatment

Afta lingual treatment with the Laser

The foot in the mouth, on the tongue or gums, consists of a small wound, which is formed by epithelial injury. May cause annoyance, because it causes pain when eating or brushing your teeth. It is a common disorder, which is also called stomatitis. A small ulcer of this type is not contagious and it is not possible to define precisely the causes that underlie it. However we can say that the whole is to be related to a weak immune system, which can pave the way for bacteria, viruses and fungi. There are, however, several reasons involved in the problem. The care can be based on counter medicines and remedies that can be taken at home.

The causes
You can not clarify the precise causes of AFTA, certainly intervenes a family member, but there are some triggers that have a specific role. For example, an infection or stress or hormonal changes related to the menstrual cycle may weaken the immune system, which become more susceptible to the action of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Other times can be traced patterns that consist of nutritional deficiencies, especially those caused by folic acid (found in leafy green vegetables, legumes, such as beans and peas, avocados, strawberries, orange juice, asparagus) and vitamins B (especially vitamin B12, found in liver, caviar, oysters, mackerel, chicken thigh, tuna, sardines, in the Swiss cheese and smoked salmon). There are many diseases that can cause mouth ulcers, such as mononucleosis, which is called the kissing disease, diabetes, bowel disease, celiac disease.

Pay attention to contact with irritants, such as spices and tobacco, to food and hot drinks and some food in particular, such as tomatoes and dried fruit. Sometimes the problem can be caused by treatment with antibiotics or dentures mismatched.

The remedies
The remedies for foot and mouth are used to help the healing and reliefe pain. A wet tea bag can be
applied on small ulcers. In this case intervenes the action of the tannic acid, which makes more rapid
healing. Natural remedies are not few. Among these we can mention in particular, for their effectiveness, the oil of tea tree and echinacea, to be used for rinsing the form of a mother tincture. It is not to forget aloe, which can be used in the form of a gel, obtained from its leaves. Applied locally, an anti-inflammatory, causing the formation of a kind of protective film.

The care
The cure for foot and mouth may consist in the application of OTC drugs. It ‘s always the doctor should advise the right drugs to use, although usually the problem tends to resolve spontaneously without any treatment. As medicines may be valid based ones clorexitina, betamethasone, hydrocortisone, choline salicylate, tetracycline. It is recommended, however, to use these active only in serious cases. Instead it is very important to focus on cleaning the tooth, not to aggravate the disorder. Specifically, you should not use the brush vigorously, not to accentuate the lesion.