Invisalign: the device is there but not seen

What is Invisalign?

Your safety. Your appearance. Your Life. With Invisalign getting the smile you’ve always dreamed of is not difficult, because it has a minimal impact on your daily life.

Invisalign aligns your teeth using a series of almost invisible aligners, tailor-made for your teeth, to give you maximum comfort.As you replace the aligners every two weeks, the teeth move gradually, week after week, until you reach the expected final position.

For Who?
The methodology Orthodontic Invisalign is recommended for all those who wish to get an effective dental alignment without the blemish of the orthodontic traditional caused by metal wires and connections visible.

Pain and Discomfort

For the first few hours of the placement of the new template you may perceive a slight discomfort or mild pain that will fade with the passing of the hours and the adaptation of the teeth to the new template.