Removable prosthetics

Insights into removable Prosthetics

The dental implants for removable prosthesis

Dental implants allow for better anchoring the dentures to the jaw, and to reduce the extent of “pink part” of the article, making it more acceptable and functional. Depending on the case, you can place two or more implants to anchor the denture arch in a removable manner. With a minimum of 4 implants per arch you can even block the prosthesis permanently.

As with the intervention
The insertion of one or more implants is performed under local anesthesia. During the first session the
screws are inserted into the bone. In subsequent 2/8 weeks (up to 3 months, depending on the quantity
and quality of the remaining bone) bone will grow around the implant integrating in its structure. At the end of this first phase, you can complete the treatment and proceed with the placement of the prosthesis.
They are available in our dental special procedures to get the prosthesis (provisional) functioning at the first sitting, just inserted implants, whether fixed or mobile.

Care and hygiene facilities and attacks
Proper cleaning of the mouth is critical for the success of an implant treatment. The most frequent cause of failure is in fact just the infection of the tissues surrounding the implant, which can cause the loss of the implant itself. Therefore periodic checks at our studios and ensured complete oral hygene must be respected. If there are anchoring systems, the mechanical parts that wear out (systems of attachment of the prosthesis) will be checked and replaced promptly, otherwise the failure of the prosthesis and the risk of overuse of implants is high.