Insights into implants Dental All-on-6

Insights into implants Dental All-on-6

Prosthesis with four plants: All-on-6

What is the implant All on 6

This revolutionary technique allows to rehabilitate an entire dental arch – lower or higher – by only six endosseous implants. For patients, the benefits are significant; first of all, this procedure is possible even in the presence of little amount of bone, limiting the post-operative discomfort. Furthermore, the All on 6 technique significantly reduces surgery time: the same day of the intervention – the inclusion of the six implants – it is possible to position the teeth fixed provisional screwed thereon.

The all-on-6 implant technique is a surgical procedure that allows the realization in a single session or in the next 24 hours (depending on the clinical case subjected),a fixed prosthesis anchored on 6 dental implants.

The advantages of the procedure
– Reduced costs for the few sessions which required intervention
– For patients who have business requirements and can not remain without teeth for long time
– For patients who do not want dentures
– For patients with existing dentures which they want to apply them permanently
– For patients with remaining tooth in a final state that require a total rehabilitation
– For people who are concern about tooth appearance that can lead to a visit with the dentist.

In summary, the success of this technique is growing along with the satisfaction of our patients, thanks to its ease of implementation, a minimally invasive protocol, low cost compared to other traditional methods and the ability to implement immediate loading (ie the possibility of immediately placing the temporary teeth fixed in the oral cavity, without imposing the use of dentures for several months).