Implantology All-on-4

Insights on Dental implant All-on-4

Prosthesis with four implants: All-on-4

[/custom_frame_rightThe All-on-4 is designed to come to the rescue of all those patients without teeth, to which you wanted to provide a prosthesis that can hold an immediate loading of full arch with just four or six implants.

With this treatment the dentist cannot solve the problem of lack of patient’s teeth in one session with surgery. The doctor is able, in fact, to exploit the remaining bone with a minor outpatient procedure. This solution is obtained by a fixed prosthesis without resorting to mobile. It is time and money saving procedure.

From the patient point of view, the advantages are significant and immediate, since it will immediately
resume a normal life, regain the smile, speak and chew all with an intervention of about 12 hours.

The features we have already said, have made the All-on-4 treatment many reliable, time-saving and low invasive. We add an important advantages of saving money and a final result of extremely secure and stable. The patient will be able to benefit from these solutions.