Great sinus lift

Insights into large sinus lift

For large sinus lift includes a bone graft which is positioned at the level of the floor of the maxillary sinus in order to increase the vertical size of the posterior maxillary and be able to insert implants. It should be performed when there is the maxillary bone atrophy rear vertically. Over the years and with the loss of teeth, the jawbone goes gradual progressive atrophy. The maxillary sinus, which is the air cavity at the side of the nose and the upper teeth, following the loss of the teeth and their functional stimulus on the bone, it
expands and reduces the amount of bone exploitable for placement of osseointegrated implants .

What substances are used?
The substances which is used can be different and it has been shown that bone alloplastic (synthetic),
heterologous (from animal origin) or autologous (taken from the same person) are nearly equivalent in this type of procedure.