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For implantology interventions, in our center we use the latest technology and equipment that guarantee excellent and long-lasting aesthetic results.

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Everyone knows the unsightly effects as a result of the lack of one or more teeth, but a few knows the
damage to the bone and the chewing discomfort that this lack creates.
The lack of teeth generates important problems of occlusion and mastication and strongly affects the
feeding of the person who looses the teeth, allowing her to eat only certain amount of rather soft foods
and not varying their diet. The choice of dental implants obviates these problems by restoring firm and strong teeth and, thanks to the use of avant-garde materials, also with an absolutely natural look.

The advantages of dental implants are numerous from an aesthetic and oral health point of view.

The dental implant is a titanium alloy screw that replaces the natural root of the missing tooth. An
abutment pin is applied to the implants inserted in the maxillary bones and supports the screwed or
cemented crown. In this way the tooth is totally recreated, from the internal structure to the outer crown.

The abutments can be:
Titanium Alloy, the most common material for their structure.
In Zirconium, highly aesthetic because of “white” metal.
The zirconia abutment is created with an initial computer design by the dental technician, using precise CAD / CAM techniques, which guarantee precise reproduction of the zirconium oxide abutment.
The zirconium abutment is particularly indicated in the anterior areas because it solves the problem of
visible gray gingival collars, which presents itself with the normal titanium abutments and therefore allows a greater esthetics.

The dental crown, the outer and esthetic part of the tooth, which can be made of different materials, is
then cemented or screwed to the abutment.

The dental implant allows to replace single teeth or more missing teeth (partial edentulism) or the whole
dental arch (total edentulism), also allows to restore the functional and aesthetic appearance of a natural tooth, restoring the comfort and safety lost.

Dental implants, unlike other solutions, can be inserted without affecting other healthy teeth and offer a long-term solution.
Dental Centers exclusively use quality implants characterized by exceptional strength and durability, highly biocompatible and qualitative. Not all patients have the same needs and requirements: in our centers we offer customized solutions with a wide range of implants, both bone and soft tissue, for all indications, types of bone and surgical protocols.