Root canal treatment or root canals

The root canal treatments are performed for disinfections and clean the channel of the dental pulp; the pulp is a soft tissue that is between the roots of the teeth and the enamel. It often happens that these tissues are inflamed or even worse go in necrosis, then it becomes necessary to intervene with treatment.
The causes that lead to these inflammations can be manifold, including severe trauma, caries very deep or even dental work too close together and repeated. Among the various symptoms promptly notify your
dentist include: acute and prolonged, sensitivity to hot / cold, swelling of the gums. It may happen,
however, to be confronted with a case without accusing endodontic symptoms.

After clearing the area must seal the area carefully devitalized to prevent bacteria from sticking again the

It can make root canal treatment in a single session. Intervention is made with the technique of un anxious, a partial anesthetic that allows the patient to interact with the dentist without notifying pain or anxiety.

The sealing of the channel may be made through the use of a particular rubber, Thermafil which is heated with a tool (Thermaprep); the rubber heated fits and goes to occlude and seal the channel, effectively offsetting the possibility of a bacterial attack.