Conservative Dentistry

Insights on Conservative dentistry

The fillings

Conservative dentistry task is to safeguard the teeth in the event of damage, rebuild them and store them in such a tooth damage. Dentists suffer a fracture or were affected by caries, the dentist would care to restore the damaged portion of the tooth with a speech , that has a non invasive impact and aimed at the complete restoration, even from the aesthetic point of view.

Conservative dentistry can be of two types, direct conservative or indirect conservative.

The direct conservative is to restore the tooth compromised by-eramic composite materials. How to

  • Use of rubber dam
  • creation of a cavity through cutters
  • Complete removal of caries from the hollow just created
  • applying a gel acid which will facilitate the adhesion of the filling on the walls of the cavity
  • adhesive application
  • polymerization
  • application of the filling material, following a procedure in steps of layering

The phases of the Conservative Indirect Direct are similar to that just described, with the difference that the tooth to be restored lacks an extended portion; we resort to the help of this dental laboratory that will realize the portion of the missing tooth, which is then cemented. Of course, the dentist will have to take, in the early stages, an imprint of the damaged tooth which will work on the lab.

If we were in front of old amalgam is due for removal and replacement with composite-ceramic materials completely biocompatible, unlike amalgam that contains silver or mercury may be harmful.